Choosing Life

Choosing Life

I am taking my life back.

I have given my son and his wife enough of my time, thoughts and sorrow. I have cried enough tears, I have lost enough sleep. I will no longer sacrifice my health, my peace of mind or my vitality at the altar of anger, resentment, hurt and grief.

I am bowing out gracefully.

I am ready to reclaim my life. It is no longer up for grabs. This is a matter of life or death, and I choose life.

I commit myself to peace: peace in my mind, in my speech and in my actions.

I am ready for freedom: freedom from melodrama and emotional abuse; freedom to choose happiness that is not dependent on how my son and daughter-in-law treat me.

I forgive them and I forgive myself.

I now distance myself from harmful, obsessive thoughts and I replace them with thoughts that uplift, heal and love.

I now practice gratitude and I transform my life into one of humble thankfulness.

I accept that, presently, I am but a shadow in my son’s and grandchildren’s lives. I understand that that might change with time. No matter what happens, I know that I am safe and loved, and I can accept whatever unfolds.

I let go of what I want and I pray for the courage to surrender to what is.

I ask for God’s grace to live fully, joyously and lovingly.

I am taking my life back.