Honor Yourself

Honor Yourself

I celebrate myself, and sing myself.

~ Walt Whitman<

It is time to love, honor and celebrate all that you are.

You have suffered, struggled and endured a great loss. You are working on healing, and doing all you can to rise up above the pain. You are processing the torment of alienation and abandonment and searching for your equilibrium, slowly evolving to a new status quo. You are facing the fact that you need to create a new ‘normal’ or risk losing yourself and your vitality.

Your pain burns in a fire of loneliness, despair and grief, but, one day, it will cool to ashes, from which a sacred surrender will take root within you.

You will come to appreciate all that you have lived through. You will grow in compassion for yourself and for all sentient beings. You will come to a deep understanding of life and a potent wisdom will be born within your soul.

Honor yourself. Cradle your heart.

You deserve your love.

2 thoughts on “Honor Yourself”

  • That is beautifully on point! I’ll never forget what I sent thru during my estrangement – it was THE most hurtful thing I’ve ever had to endure but, and that’s a huge but, it changed me for the better. A deeply, intense work was done in me thru all that pain and suffering and I made it to the other side!

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