Each Precious Breath

Each Precious Breath

As I near my 75th birthday, I ask myself what I’ve learned during my time as a visitor on planet earth. 

Have I been a gracious guest, thankful for the generosity of my host? Have I cleaned up after myself, leaving my temporary home better than I found it? Have I offered enough help to those who struggle? Have I been kind to all creatures who roam this earth? Have I offered apologies to those I’ve hurt and forgiven those who have hurt me?

Too many years were spent seeking, reaching, worrying, sighing, crying, wishing, reacting, judging, controlling, resenting, wanting what I couldn’t have, and finding fault with too many people, places, and things.

I had to make some serious changes. I’ve simplified my life. Everyday, I make time to sit quietly. I am aware of my breath, and that each breath is a precious gift, bringing me closer to my last. I watch the glorious tropical birds, otters, and turtles. I watch the trees, the small waves on the lake’s surface. I just sit, connecting to my inner- ness, my heart and soul. I send love to my son and grandchildren, imagining them all healthy and happy. I clean up my thoughts, tossing out tired old automatic thoughts and find substitute thoughts that are made of the stuff of hope, faith, and love. I let go, let go, let go, and feel a lightness of being I’ve never felt before. 

This I know: Life is simple. It’s all about love, offering comfort when possible, lifting others up, and listening, just listening. 

I have learned to dance the sacred dance of the earth, surrendering to the ebb and flow, like seagrass.  It’s so simple, so beautiful, it’s mind-blowing.